COVID-19 – Business Continuity Planning & Your Utilities
We are currently offering a complimentary business utility contract evaluation

Given the massive changes every business is experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of your utility usage patterns might be shifting dramatically and these shifts could have large financial and service ramification on you and your business.

At no charge to you, TPI Efficiency, would like to assist you by examining your existing utility agreements, identify your unique business needs in this environment, and ultimately build a plan that has the flexibility to support your business goals both today and moving forward.

We will assist in:

  • Evaluating your existing electric and natural gas contracts

  • Discussing your immediate business needs related to utilities

  • Work with your existing suppliers to identify solutions and accommodations to help you both survive and ultimately thrive in this new business environment


Whether you are a happy, repeat client of TPI, or new to our approach, we are here to help!​​

Navigating this turbulent business environment is hard enough, let us take the stress of negotiating with the electric and natural gas suppliers off your plate. We have teams of people researching solutions for businesses of all sizes.



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