Why Your Business Needs an Energy Audit 

Any owner or financial services person within an organization, large or small, will tell you that utilities are some of the most significant chunks of their budget, after salary and related employee expenses. With these budgets constantly under review, keeping expenses in check has never been more critical.

TPI Efficiency knows that most people have a wide range of job responsibilities, leaving little time to master the complexity of multiple utility bills across their organization. With our vendor-neutral team of consultants, we will analyze your accounts via an independent audit process and provide proposals for significant energy savings across your business.

This account analysis is a risk-free service provided by TPI.

How Energy Audits Work

Typically, your TPI Consultant will need a copy of your recent energy bill(s), a signed authorization letter. This letter allows the utility companies to release their rates and information; nothing will change on your end.


There is no ‘smoke and mirrors’ or bait-and-switch game. Our audits include reviewing your billing history, and usage levels for electricity and gas, to things like LED savings in lighting and everything in between.


Part of TPI’s audit process includes looking into rates and, wherever possible, finding more affordable options to present back to your organization.


Typically, the audit process will also look at tariffs, billing history, and meter reading errors. If better rates are available, your TPI Consultant will expedite those offers and work to bridge the relationship with the energy supplier, handling the negotiations on behalf of your organization. Finally, your consultant will present our recommendations for your organization moving forward.


TPI specializes in audits on any utility invoice, including natural gas, electric, and water/sewer.  We have added renewable/ green energy options to our portfolio of services as well.


And, we can do audits across multiple locations; we would need the related bills for each site.

What is a Utility Bill Audit?

Think of an audit as an independent review of your bills. Typically, as part of this utility bill audit, we will look into invoice billing errors, like rate plan changes, erroneous fees, and related items.


When billing errors are left unchecked, they can quickly add up, affecting your bottom line. Even minor errors over time can end up costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Energy Procurement

We all expect that when we flip the light switch, the lights will come on. What few realize is that not everyone is paying the same price. You want to have correctly priced energy rates for your business and daily needs. That’s where TPI’s experience and strength in negotiations with energy suppliers come in. We have a broad network of market-specific suppliers and will find the best fit - and price - for your needs.


TPI Efficiency understands the complex challenges of resource management. With actionable insights from an organization’s data across resources, TPI will address each business’ unique resource management needs, prioritizes the highest return opportunities, and implements solutions to help meet their sustainability and financial targets.


TPI’s energy procurement experts will guide you to the best fit to strengthen your business and its energy budget, assist in scaling your growth as your energy demands expand, keeping your goals top-of-mind.