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Why partner with TPI Efficiency?

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For objective advice, unparalleled customer service, and access to hundreds of tier-1 vendors, Manufacturing Works members choose TPI Efficiency! 


Since 2016, we've already helped more than 70 members save over $1,000,000+ on operating expenses from Energy to LED Lighting.


As a member, you get access
to exclusive program benefits including:

​Back on membership dues for new Manufacturing Works members!

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Additional discount on TPI's preferred wholesale rates!

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Off LED Lighting products!​

Who is TPI?

TPI is the preferred electric, natural gas and LED consulting and procurement firm for Manufacturing Works


With offices in Cleveland, Columbus, and Baltimore, we are ready to offer hands-on assistance throughout the complete procurement process, from contract negotiation, rebates, and incentives filing to product installation and proving ROI. All at no cost to your organization. 


From there, TPI will continuously monitor your accounts, provide Executive Portfolio Management and a single point of contact familiar with your strategy and historical data. In addition, your Client Account Manager will do whatever it takes to keep you aware of any changes or opportunities in the marketplace and ensure your goals are reached year-over-year.

TPI Efficiency promotes regional growth by providing unparalleled purchasing strategies – saving you money through money well spent. We take time to understand your specific business needs and offer solutions that affect your bottom line – building your business and our community.

Contact us today to "Redefine Your Bottom Line!"

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Call us at 877-244-0182 or fill out the form below to get started today.

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