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TPI Efficiency consults with businesses to help reduce operating expenses.


With a no-risk audit, we establish a baseline and then recommend reducing these costs through our outsource procurement program.


Our fiscal management consultants are ready to help you in any of the following areas:

Electricity Procurement

Electricity costs are one of an organization’s largest monthly operating expenses. The TPI Efficiency Process™ builds a custom solution to fit yourever-changing needs.

Natural Gas Procurement

TPI monitors the dynamic and ever-changing natural gas market and advises your business on the best product, terms, price, and time to buy to maximize your purchasing strategy.



LED Lighting

LED is the future of lighting and is now more affordable than ever. LEDs can use up to 90% less energy and last 30-50x longer than incandescent lighting

Demand Response

By participating in a Traditional Demand Response program,

which allows customers to reduce their usage and demand

of electricity in response to power grid needs, you can be

compensated for your participation.

Clean Energy Procurement

The energy landscape as we know it is changing. Solar infrastructures are commonplace, so much so that you hardly even notice them anymore. Manufacturing plants and cities across the country are embracing wind power.

Energy Management

TPI delivers flawless execution of solutions and risk management programs for all your business energy needs.


We are Fiscal Management Consultants, focused on lowering operating expenses in over 50 ways and creating efficiencies for our clients.

LED Retrofit Project Management

Did you know that upgrading to LED Lighting is one of the lowest-cost means of reducing kWh? Not only that, letting TPI handle your project saves you valuable time and has no impact on your day-to-day operations.

Let Us Light Your Way

Internet Technology

TPI offers custom business-class solutions to fit your business technology, communication and enterprise needs today and in the future.


What Our Clients Say

Enterprise Solutions

We pinpoint areas where nearly every business can save

money on operating expenses. Nationally licensed and

certified, TPI has partnered with thousands of businesses to

provide custom-fit enterprise solutions.

Energy Solutions

Since 2009, TPI has guided businesses, non-profits, and manufacturing clients through the deregulated energy market. our goal has always been to help your bottom line with our vendor-neutral supplier model.

Advisory Services

With a contingency-based approach, TPI investigates the invoices and contracts to ensure the rates, tariffs, and taxes are being charged properly. Then, we recover funds if applicable and implement these solutions for you.

Procurement Management

Our relationship and console does not end with your signed supplier contract. Instead, your TPI consultant proactively monitors and reviews your business, always putting our energy into your energy needs.


We also execute and maintain long-term procurement strategies on your organization’s behalf.

Commoditized Services

We are Fiscal Management Consultants focused on lowering operating expenses in over 50 ways and creating efficiencies for our clients.


These services have longlasting effects on clients’ bottom line—particularly in highly commoditized services such as Natural Gas, Electricity, Lighting, Merchant Services, and Telecom.

Client-First Consulting

Our proprietary CRM software allows us to keep current with over 150 Supplier relationships in six of the highly commoditized services we manage to make sure all of our clients have negotiated the best prices they can at all times.

Environmental, Social and Corporate (ESG) Criteria

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) evaluates a business' collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. 

Telecommunication Services

Add savings and flexibility to your telecom system. New technology is cheaper to run, more reliable and includes more options to fit your needs. 

Solar Solutions

TPI Efficiency Provides Innovative Solutions Across Your Entire Energy Platform. Our solar projects are custom-designed and engineered by leading industry professionals to deliver the best solution, the lowest cost of installation, and unparalleled support during every phase of your project.

Fiscal Management Consulting

TPI consulting services help business leaders identify tools to manage and monitor financial performance.


Our experienced team of consultants can help establish the fiscal and operational infrastructure to support an organization’s operating needs and develop capacity for future growth.

Business Efficiency

Our Client Account Management Team will review your account every 30 days and visit quarterly to make sure you know industry trends, new services, and efficiency rebates that can lower your operating expenses. We do this proactively. No one else does this.

Ready for your free audit?

TPI Efficiency knows that most people have a wide range of job responsibilities, leaving little time to master the complexity of multiple utility bills across their organization. With our vendor-neutral team of consultants, we will analyze your accounts via an independent audit process and provide proposals for significant energy savings across your business.


This account analysis is a no-cost service provided by TPI.


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Sandra Jones, Controller
Resource Material Handling & Recycling

"TPI was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and patient as they helped us navigate the intricacies of energy contracts. Having dealt with energy consultants in the past that were aggressive and not acting in our best interests, TPI’s approach was refreshing and much more in line with a partnership one would expect when working with a consultant.


The attention to detail and willingness to conduct additional research on our behalf provided the data we needed to make decisions for our current energy needs and for the future.


We will be working with TPI as our company changes and grows in the coming years."