TPI Wins and Virginians Win!

On September 18, 2019, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) ruled in favor of TPI Efficiency and its suppliers in their battle against Dominion Energy of Virginia to bring 100% renewable energy to Virginia customers. Specifically, Dominion attempted to increase the costs of renewable energy offered by TPI’s suppliers by arguing that they needed to procure a lot more renewable energy than required by law. However, the SCC rejected Dominion’s argument and instead decided that suppliers would be held to the exact same standard that applies to utilities such as Dominion.

This decision comes on the heels of a previous win for TPI and its suppliers, decided on August 28, 2019, where the SCC ordered Dominion to enroll customers that are interested in purchasing 100% renewable energy from an electric supplier instead of from Dominion itself. This decision was from the same case that was decided on September 28, but this earlier decision addressed the fact that Dominion admitted that it would not allow any customers to purchase renewable energy unless ordered to do so. Well, the Commission heard arguments by TPI and its suppliers, as well as by Dominion, and concluded that TPI is right and ordered Dominion to immediately enroll these customers that want 100% renewable energy.

As the only monopoly in town for electricity, Dominion does not want to see its customers leave, whether it be because suppliers have a more environmental-friendly product or because the cost for that product turns out to be less than the cost for Dominion’s electricity. Either way, along with our partners, we have fought and will continue to fight to bring more affordable and cleaner energy to Virginia. Whether you are a large user on a Schedule 10, an intermediate user on the GS-2T schedule, or even the residential homeowner, we are fighting to bring you affordable and clean energy.

A link to the Commission’s decisions and the case are HERE.

Please contact us if you are ready for affordable, renewable energy, or if you simply want to know more about how we are helping Virginia’s customers!

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